Marijuana and the Brain – Effects of Marijuana Use on the Body


Using marijuana can impair short-term memory, verbal skills, decision, distort perception, and impair driving performance. Large marijuana use impairs an individuals ability to make memories, remember functions, or shift attention from one item into another. Users who’ve obtained large doses of the medication could undergo severe toxic psychosis, which includes hallucinations, delusions, and depersonalization (a reduction in this feeling of private identity or self-recognition).

Within minutes a people coronary heart begins beating more rapidly, the bronchial rhythms curl up and eventually become enlargedand bloodstream in the eyes extend. One’s heart rate might rise by 20 to 50 beats a week. In mental performance BUY CBD, the THC connects to cannabinoid receptors on nerve cells and affects the activity of those cells. The results begin instantly and can last from 1 to 3 weeks. Even the THC from the brain induces the user to feel euphoric, by stimulating the release of chemical dopamine. A bud user can experience agreeable sensations, colors and sounds may appear to be intense, and time appears to move very slowly and gradually. The customers mouth feels dry, also they could unexpectedly become very thirsty and hungry. The hands will tremble and grow cool. The euphoria goes after menopause and then your user might feel tired or depressed. Sporadically, bud use creates anxiety, fear, distrust, or anxiety. THC also interrupts balance and coordination by binding receptors at the cerebellum and cerebral ganglia, the regions of the mind which govern stability, posture, coordination of
movements, and reaction time.

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